(29/02/16) Once in a Blue Moon

As promised, here is a long overdue update on my progress:

While getting NoHoper ready for its 2nd edition rewrite and edit is the main priority, I have been sinking a surprising amount of time into building the as-yet-unnamed sequel. It’s getting to a point where I am considering stretching this into a trilogy. That is, I have two options: make NoHoper 1 longer and keep it two stories long, or let it become three. However this goes, I feel that I’m both doing the justice I always intended to do with this crossover story and staying true to what I value in my fiction. My gut is telling me that I’m doing the right thing, so I will simply follow it.

I’m going to consider it a good sign that this year happens to be Light Yagami’s 30th year (27th if you’re an exclusive slave to the anime), as of yesterday.

Elsewhere in Fiction Land, Ave Maria‘s status remains unchanged. Considering how I intend to release NoHoper in July, it will probably be a couple of months after until I release the first part of Ave Maria – that is, unless I can juggle writing both of them, finally pull up my bootstraps and put together a good enough sleep pattern to be able to pull a timetable I can stick to.

Outside of this? I am making good progress on my dissertation. In fact, I will be presenting at an international conference in the second week of April, where people who are just as interested in my boring field of choice as me will listen to a presentation on my research, tear it apart and give me ‘helpful tips’ that I can use to make it worthy of submission in the fourth week of April. That is, if they haven’t low-key fallen asleep, daydreamed or doodled throughout.

To be honest, this dissertation isn’t the only university project I have on the go: I have a project due in the middle of May. I would tell you more, but the fact is that you will see its prototypes on here over the next few weeks. I will not only post it here, but also on the adjoining Tumblog (you know the one) so you can share it with everyone you know.

Don’t be scared.

–Ruin Dun Burnit



(23/01/16) Spread the Word

The word on the street, as I have heard it, is that WordPress may be a cool site to put all my fanfiction on but it’s not quite so easy when it comes to access; not everyone has an account or feels they can go to the trouble of making one so they can leave comments.

I’ve heard your concerns, so here is the official tumblr blog, on which I will leave links to posts and chapters from here, on which you can leave comments and thoughts when doing so on WordPress just isn’t possible.  You can even ask me questions, and I’ll even answer them.

Come find me here.

–Ruin Dun Burnit



Oh, yeah. Apparently Christmas and the New Year have happened since the last post. The season has been a fine time for me, with stress and triumph, and excellent news I won’t be sharing.


I still have 13 chapters of NoHoper ready to edit. I’m close to finishing chapter 14 (finally), and with any luck the last 3 or 4 chapters will be written just as quickly. This might take a while, knowing that I intent to make a lot of changes as well as proposed ‘improvements’ to the House of Night’s social concepts (which has really been my plan all along).

I do have a sequel planned for this one. I don’t have a title for you, but I do have plenty of notes scribbled down. I’ll probably post a summary of it once NoHoper is completed.

I have a perfect prologue of Ave Maria ready, but I’m debating whether or not to upload it first or write Part 1 first. I will post the first part before I begin work on Part 2. By the way, I do have five parts planned in total, as well as a sequel (I’ll talk more about that later).

Apart from these two main fics, I am debating when I should get to polishing CoffinSide now or after April, and when I should try to plan Yagami Girls thoroughly.

This year is certainly going to be busy for me. I have a dissertation to write from now until the end of April. We’ll see how that goes.

–Ruin Dun Burnit


As NoHoper is an ‘ongoing’ fic (that is to say, unfinished), with 13 chapters on the Internet somewhere and four more to go, the general protocol is that I will be writing the last of the chapters before I go back and edit them one by one. I intend to have them all edited and perfect before I begin re-releasing them.

That being said, I’m four pages through chapter 14. I’ve been in the process of writing it for the last three years, apparently. It’s become that novel you said you were going to write, that you keep getting the ideas for but have no commitment to write down.

Don’t worry. Those ideas are just going to enrich the final experience.

I’ll keep writing if you tell all your friends.

— Ruin Dun Burnit

Ave Maria

Death Note and Elsewhere crossover

by Ruin Dun Burnit

(With inspiration from The Divine Comedy and Paradise Lost)

Death Note by Ohba Tsugumi and Obata Takeshi 

Elsewhere by Gabrielle Zevin 

The Divine Comedy by Dante 

Paradise Lost by John Milton 

I own none of these works.

Table of Contents

Prologue – Catharsis

Chapter I – Tokyoite


Part 1: The River Styx

Chapter II – Depature

Chapter III – Failure

Chapter IV – Dining Hall

Chapter V – Ether

Chapter VI – Continuance

Chapter VII – Ashes

Chapter VIII – Arrival

(To Continue in Part II)


Death Note and House of Night crossover

By Ruin Dun Burnit

Death Note by Ohba Tsugumi and Obata Takeshi 

House of Night by P.C. and Kristin Cast 

I own neither of these works.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Chapter 11

Chapter 12

Chapter 13

Chapter 14

Chapter 15

Chapter 16

Chapter 17

Chapter 18

Chapter 19

Chapter 20


(23/12/15): Herein Lies The Lesson

I might seem like such a wild unknown today, but the fact is that I’ve been writing and posting fanfiction online for years. The fact though, is that it’s here, there and everywhere, and all in different states of imperfection.

If someone could update the TVTropes pages, this place from here on out is the official place of my works. This name is the official author name. These editions are the official edition. Where the record states ‘Ruin Takada’, it should be scratched out and replaced with ‘Ruin Dun Burnit’.

Laborious and awkward, I know.

As the works are added to Canon (that is, the Burnit Canon), they should be accessible via the Hub.