(09/03/17) Part 1: In Absentia

Maintaining a blog is a difficult thing, especially a blog about writing. Things happen in your writing journey that makes you consider making an update, but the concern that you have nothing worthwhile to say, that you will make promises you cannot keep, causes you to reconsider. The anxiety stays your hand.

In short, I am aware that it’s been seven months since my last word; it’s for this reason that today’s blog will be in two parts.

When I last spoke about NoHoper 2nd ed., I was more than one thousand words into chapter 7 of 21 planned chapters. I am now more than two thousand words into chapter 21 of 23 planned chapters, putting the story at more than 141,000 words long. Since these remaining three chapters are already so precisely planned, I’m actually fairly confident I can have the first draft finished by the end of this month; the only thing that could prevent that is if I choose to pause writing for some reason. Considering that I’ve had assessments to complete over the last semester at the same time (one reason for my absence) and I had surgery on my left wrist on November 21st and wrote chapters 10-16 entirely one handed, my progress has been pretty impressive.

The real issue now, in fact, is planning what happens after finishing the NoHoper 2nd ed. first draft. Go to Part 2: Abhinc for more.

–Ruin Dun Burnit