(28/07/16) July Burn Up

Well hey. Long time, no word.

This month has been an eventful one already (he said, writing on the 28th). The first draft of NoHoper 2nd ed. has begun; the excellent news I mentioned in January came to fruition; a heatwave put paid to all of my plans for dedicated productivity and the results from the application came back.

If we remember from the last post, I mentioned how close I was to beginning the first draft of NoHoper. In fact, if you’ve been following my Tumblr you’ll have seen a few pictures of my tiny writing. The current status? The first chapter, which needed so much work from the 1st ed., is finished! The second chapter? It has a sentence, at least. I hate that. I know it’s because of the ‘Spanish Plume’ heatwave that hit the North for about a week, laying waste and putting paid to my plans, messing with my total inability to manage warm climates, but it’s since been replaced by sporadic showers and I have no more excuses.

Don’t worry, I’m finding my focus again.

Of course, a baby stole it. Two weeks ago on the 13th, the excellent news basically got better, and I became an uncle for the first time. I won’t share names or pictures, but that’s only because a, I’m not his father, and b, the Internet. Already, I’m so proud of the tiny nephew who will probably grow to be a 6’2″ rugby player who only listens to his uncle because he provides the good birthday gifts. It doesn’t help that I’m in Yorkshire and the nephew is in Wales, but other than enjoying this blessing for what it is, what can you do?

If nothing else, I can attempt to stay busy. The results came back from the application I’ve been mentioning for a while, and from September I will be working full-time on an MA in Literature and Creative Writing. Will I probably be buried in student loans for the rest of my life? Yes. Would I be able to get gainful employment in the field of my choice as a disabled person without the MA? Probably not. Go figure.

Readers, I’m continuing to work hard. I need to try and set a good example, at least. Let’s make this Summer count.

–Ruin Dun Burnit