(18/04/16) More and More

One thing that has struck me over these last couple of months of developing NoHoper 2nd ed is how much the whole story strikes me as more of a TV series than, well, a ‘book’ series.

You know what I mean? In a book series, the point is that one book may continue the series, but its story ought to count as a stand alone novel in its plot and development. In a TV series, you have numerous storylines developing alongside each other, but one season may not necessarily count as a ‘complete show’ with a beginning conflict in episode 1 and a resolution of the main conflict in the work by episode 20 – rather, the series is like a book and the seasons operate like chapters. It’s for this reason that I often feel that George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire feels more like a Medieval soap opera than an honest-to-God book seriesĀ  (which, for its format, is part of the whole draw for me).

Which is to say, it is very likely that there will be more than one sequel, and the cut-off points will be based on ‘does it feel complete?’ rather than ‘have we resolved the original conflict?’. I apologise in advance. I think a part of me wants to ‘go the distance’ and do what the Casts were never willing to do to begin with and cover the full four years (or however far it gets). Suggestions for sequel names won’t go unheard.

As for the previously mentioned project on Bisexual and Trans identities, I will be starting these posts this week. Definitely. Don’t let me forget. They will go on both this and the Tumblog, so please feel free to share and give feedback and essentially start a conversation. I’d love to hear what you think.

I think I promised something on the conference, but frankly I have more in mind to write the dissertation itself than talk about the presentation I made on the dissertation while it was a work in progress.

Basically, this is all about to become more than its parts.

–Ruin Dun Burnit