(29/03/16) All Is Revealed

Since my last update, I got an interesting message from someone asking why they couldn’t access new chapters of NoHoper 2nd ed. So, to make this totally and completely clear to everyone (as I have to them):

I am currently reshaping NoHoper. I am taking my new ideas to my old ideas and making sure it’s perfect. Once my two graded projects are done, I will write NoHoper 2nd ed., edit it, and make sure every chapter is perfect and devoid of holes. Only when the whole thing is done (hopefully by July) will I upload them here. July. At some indeterminate date. Once the first chapter is up, I will upload each new chapter either once a week or once a fortnight (which ever works for the schedule I will have by then).

Well, I say July, knowing that I have at least the majority of the 1st ed. chapters to build on. However, with all the changes I’m instilling, these 1st ed. chapters will quickly become redundant. Let’s make a deal: if July changes to August, or even September, I will tell you first. In return, please trust that I am working hard and being upfront no matter what. Deal?

If you have any questions about NoHoper, about the story or anything at all, the Tumblog at ruindunburnit.tumblr.com is the best place to ask me (at least, that’s where you’ll get the fastest response).

As for the graded projects, with the dissertation moving smoothly, this is what I have going on for the second project:

I have 5,000 words to discuss a subject that brings in material from at least a majority of the modules I have studied over the course of my degree in English Language and Linguistics (sorry to say, but I am in reality a desperately boring person). The subject, on which you will see many updates on this blog and the Tumblog?

Linguistic and Media Representation of LGBTQIA+ Identities, with Particular Focus on Bi and Trans Identities.

“What? You can actually do that? For an undergraduate degree project?”

Abso-smegging-lutely. I have the support of my tutors and professors. They’re actually very interested to hear what I have to say on this. For which I’m remarkably fortunate.

If it’s not your bag? If you’re not interested? Feel free not to read. I have no problem with you sitting it out. Of course, if you have anything to say, absolutely feel free to comment, ask questions, whatever you want. It’s as much for you as it is for me.

So, be prepared to hear a lot more on that in the very near future.

–Ruin Dun Burnit